Paul W. Eykamp, Ph.D.
Current Things I'm Reading and Watching

What I'm Reading:

Men at Arms
Thief of Time
The Fifth Elephant
   - Terry Prachet
Wired (current and back issues)
APSA Jouranal  (back issues)
Buying the Best: Cost Escalation in Elite Higher Education
 - Charles T Clotfetler
The Butlerian Jihad (Dune Series) by Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson  - Review: Read only if you are just dying to know how the war against the "thinking machines" went. Exceptionally bloody. Not the best of the series by any stretch of the imagination.

On Deck:

 The Dollar Crisis by Richard Duncan, copyrighted 2003.
Review by Payam Eshraghian: "The best prediction of what is about to hit the US as you're going to get in the English language.  There is also "Conquer the Crash" by Robert Prechter, Jr.,  and "Financial Reckoning Day" by William Bonner. All  three converge on sending dire warnings about the  unsustainability of our deficits, and about foreign  creditors losing faith in the US."

If you are feeling too happy, here is a book series guaranteed to make you depressed, well at least if you are citizen of the industrialized world.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:
The Empty Ocean, (Conquest)   
The Lucifer Principle (War)
The Coming Plague, (Plague)
The Coming Generational Storm: What You Need to Know About America's Economic Future, (Death)          (to be published next month by MIT Press.)

Web Comics

Piled Higher and Deeper

What I'm Watching:

Theater: Lets Go to the Movies
-highly recommended!
The Control Center
The Fog of War
The Triplets of Bellville
Shrek II
Spiderman II
The Cat's Meow
The Incredibles
Revenge of the Sith
12 Angry Men
Batman the Beginning
Napoleon Dynamite
Six Feet Under
The Sopranos
Sex in the City
The Wire



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