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Trips, Vacations, Events

Trips with Friends
Photos from March 30, 2001 trip to Yosemite
Yosemite Camping Trip October 2002
Yosemite Camping Trip October 2003 (in development)
Yosemite Camping Trip May 2003 (bears!)
Yosemite Camping Trip October 2004
Yosemite Birthday Trip October 2004

White Water Rafting Trips
Most of these are hard copy prints - scanning soon I hope!
American River Trip Spring 1998

Erik Bruvold and Laura Tyburski's wedding 2001
Ian and Kat's Wedding  2003
Mike and Lisa's Wedding 2003 

Eric and Natalie's Wedding 2003

Dan and Elizabeth's Wedding 2003 

Krys and Rob's Wedding 2003
Jonathan and Tracey's Wedding 2004 
(draft version)
Charles and Jenny's Wedding 2004 

Joel's pictures of Charles and Jenny's wedding
Evelyn and Howard's Wedding 2004 (draft version)
Harris and Elena's Wedding
2004 (draft version)
Leor and Beverly's Wedding 2004 (really early draft version)
- - check back later for a better version - the editing didn't work very well and about 20 pictures went missing so I'll try again soon.
Pictures from Nikita and Lenor's wedding.

Other Events
Sharon Beth's Birthday in Central Park
Leor's Graduation June 2004
Bye-Bye Birdie Production 2004

4th of July trip to Vermont 2002
4th of July in DC 2003
4th of July in DC 2004

Photos of Various Friends



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