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The Grover SocietyA picture of the Grove. gif (29440 bytes)

The Grove Café is a special place at UCSD where a whole bunch of us would live, er, hang out and drink coffee and study, and drink coffee and socialize, and drink coffee and sleep, and, well you get the picture.  It was an important part of my life at UCSD.   Every one should spend time HERE.  (Everywhere else is There.)

Grover One:  Melody,  Grover Two:  Amber,  Grover Three:  Paul   (a.k.a. the Grad Grover)
Grover Four: Theresa (a.k.a. pre-med Grover)

Grovers 2.jpg (46764 bytes)
Mary? Theresa, Paul, Shannon, Melody
Grovers3b.jpg (55720 bytes)
Melody, Paul, Theresa, John, Erik

More to come when I get around to it.  Yes I have pictures of us, more needed!!  email suggestion here.


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