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My Friend's Web Pages       A small sampling

Melinda Hamilton We were at UCSD and lived in Fifth College.  Melinda is Grover #6
Diana Lyn Laulainen-Schein  Washington University
     (We worked on CS-40 together, especially on the Facades).
Todd S. Thuma Washington University (We worked on  CS-40 together).
Dr. Michelle R. DeDeo-Lefkowitz We were at UCSD and were in the GSA together
     (and watched Bab-5) and went skiing together.
Dr. Danyel Fisher We were at Berkeley together - part of Bab-5 and fellow Washington Alums.
Jim Bangle   We were at UCSD and lived in Fifth College.
Christina Lopp  We were at UCSD and lived in Fifth College. She builds way cool websites.
Peter Dutton   Who I know through Princeton Band.
Mary Corey March  Artist, Photographer, Painter, Marshal Artist and generally amazing person.

Other Cool Contact Sites

Orkut  - Yet another social networking site
Friendster - Yet another social networking site
Tribe - Yet another social networking site
The Square - Networking for Ivy, UAA, and other snotty elite schools.
The Facebook  - The picture book of faces you got when you were a freshman. But on-line.



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