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Bab-5 Thursday nights at Berkeley
It's the Year 1997. Dawn of the third age of Academic Life. Bab5 is a social group at Berkeley that has evolved from a bunch of people getting together and watching "Babylon 5" every Thursday. We still get together on Thursdays, but now it's mainly to socialize. We also organize outings, trips, and parties regularly. Our last, best hope for peace, fun, and fellowship. Or something. Here are our pictures....

1997, 1998, 1999
, (the pre-digital age - someday I'll get them scanned in)
2000 - in progress
2001 - in progress

At Sarah's on October 24 2002

At Paul's on November 1 (Halloween Party) 2002
At Michael's on New Year's Eve and Day 2002
Hear Joel and Sarah read Beowulf in Old English on NPR 
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Sarah's Graduation (way too many photos) - May 2002
Joel's Birthday at Sarah's - 2002
Josh and Becca's New Place -  June 27 2002
[lots of attempts to take pictures in low light without a flash, there by resulting in too much movement]
An Unexpected Party - Paul's birthday 12 October 2002
David's Birthday where we hike the green hills of Tilden November 2002

Lenore's Housewarming Party - 27 August 2003
Hike to Windy Peak July 2003
Johann's Birthday/Sarah's Going Away (again) Party 2003
Andrea's Graduation   May 2003

(I really need to update this year!! I must have taken pictures - working on it now)

Ping's Birthday Party -  2004
Morgan's Graduation Party - 25 May  2004
A BAB-5 Weekend - 7 May to 9 May 2004 (Beatrice & Sophia's)
BBQ at Paul's 17 - May 2004 (Andrea Back in Town, plus Graduation)
A Thursday Night at Jill's - 3 June 2004 (Joel took these)
BBQ at Paul's - 6 June 2004 (Sarah back in Town)
Thai Delight - Morgan's New Place - Thursday 10 June 2004 (Sarah, Johann, and Molly in town)
PPSJSEHBNKNNMTKN(BN) Party - Friday 11 June 2004
Movie Night at Josh and Adams - Saturday 26 June 2004
A Country House Party at Blackberry Farm - 10 July to 11 July 2004 (Beatrice's Parents House)

Kevin and Nikita's Last? Party - Friday and Saturday 27 & 28 August 2004
Fiesta Del Kate - Saturday 16 October 2004 (a Bab-5 just for Kate!!)
A Hike and a Halloween Party - Weekend of Oct 29-32 2004

2005 (I really need to update this year!! I must have taken pictures from before May)
House Construction May-June - A work in progress
Gaskill May Ball -
Sadly I only took 3 photos
Gauri's Going Away Party -
3rd of July (SF)
Becca's Amazing North African Dinner -
3rd of July
Corey's 4th of July Party -
4th of July (Treasure Island)
Michael Constant's Housewarming Party -
9th of July
Bab-5 at David B's - 14 July (photo credit Joel)

(server out of commission - will try and get to loading photos...
Bab-5 White Elephant Party at David S's - 14 December 2005

2006 (I really need to update this year!! I must have taken pictures from before May) 
Nikita & Lenore's Wedding (Toronto) - 22 May 2006
Ruth's Graduation Party/Ken's Birthday  - 28 May 2006
Ping Spinning Poi on fire - 28 May 2006
Fractional Birthday Party and house cooling (Morgan and David) - 8 July 2006

Bab-5 ignited the urban tribe revolution in the 1990s and perfected it with improved email and Live Journal in the 2000s, allowing a world-wide reach. Bab-5 is committed to bringing the best urban tribe experience to students, educators, and creative professionals around the world through its innovative restauranting, parties, and Internet offerings.
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