Bab-5 Group Photos

Bab-5 Thursday nights at Berkeley
It's the Year 2002. Dawn of the third age of Academic Life. Bab5 is a social group at Berkeley that has evolved from a bunch of people getting together and watching "Babylon 5" every Thursday. We still get together on Thursdays, but now it's mainly to socialize. We also organize outings, trips, and parties regularly. Our last, best hope for peace, fun, and fellowship. Or something. Here are our pictures....

At Sarah's on October 24
At Paul's on November 1 (Halloween Party)
At Michael's on New Year's Eve and Day 2002
Hear Joel and Sarah read Beowulf in Old English on NPR 
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Sarah's Graduation (way too many photos)
Joel's Birthday at Sarah's
Josh and Becca's New Place   June 27 2002

[lots of attempts to take pictures in low light without a flash, there by resulting in too much movement]
An Unexpected Party - Paul's birthday 12 October 2002
Lenore's Housewarming Party - 27 August 2003

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Hiking on Sarah's Birthday

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Peter's Bithday with Blue Cake

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Watching Nick on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"

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The last three photos courtesy of Sunah (her birthday party and games night and Lenore's Master's Defense). Click on the photos for the orginal pictures.
More soon!