Paul W. Eykamp, Ph.D.
Data Scientist
AAA of Northern California, Nevada, and Utah


Data Scientist for Enterprise Performance Mangement at AAA, conducting membership analysis, market analysis, direct market modeling, buisness strategic planning, and economic and demographic forecasting. Formerly I was a Senior Consultant at Kaiser Permanente for Strategic Market Analysis, where I conducting membership analysis, line-of-buisness strategic planning, and economic forecasting. Prioir to that, I was a strategic planer for the University of California. In addition to crunching numbers, I am a Political Scientist.  My research focuses on US higher educational policy and institutions. 

Active in a number of non-profit organizations as a board member or executive officer. I am chair of the Iron Horse Corridor Advisory Committee. In what passes for spare time, I like science fiction and British mystery novels, skiing, hiking, and hanging out with my friends. Recently I have taken up Swing and Hustle.

Two summers (1987 and 1992) I worked in the British Parliament for a Conservative MP where I learned how to campaign in Britain and give the tour of the Palace of Westminster.

Other activities include Alumni work for both Washington University and UC San Diego. I am the regional president for the UCSD Bay Area Alumni, and help with Washington University Bay Area Alumni.
Cool Word: Sinoper

The Evansville Day School.  (K-12)
Washington University (AB), UC San Diego (MA, Ph.D.)
I used to be a big wheel in student government at both institutions (CS40 and SU at WU and AS and GSA at UCSD). I lived in the UCSD International House (alumni) for four years (located at ERC). And at Warren College for two years.  

I used ski with the UC San Diego and UC Davis Ski Clubs.
I also do commercial web design work Mid-States Rubber.
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Pictures from Nikita and Lenor's wedding.

Current Research Projects/Papers/Talks

- The Effect of Advanced Placement Credit on Time to Degree at the University of California
- Where Does All the Money Go? California State Finance
- Grade Inflation at the University of California. Real or Imagined?   
- Price Elasticity of Demand for State Research Universities
-The Effects of Slightly Dirty Data on Analysis    New!
-Some Observations About Going (or Sending Someone) to College: Why is it getting so expensive? Where should I go? How do I get in? New!

My Public Blog
with Turkey Travel Log

Ski Reports - Tahoe | Utah
Peak Days Skied: 2001-2003
30-34 days each year.

Days Skied 2007 Season:  13   Target: 15
Places Skied:
Heavenly (1), Sierra (1), Park City (3), Sugarbowl (4), Squaw Valley (3), Kirkwood (1).

Days Skied 2008 Season:  6  Target: 6
Places Skied:
Heavenly (0), Sierra (0), Park City (5), Sugarbowl (0), Squaw Valley (1), Kirkwood (0).

Days Skied 2009-2011 Season:  0  Target: 0
Places Skied:
on temporary disabled list - bum knee.

Days Skied 2012 Season:  4  Target: 5
Places Skied:
Park City, UT (4)

Days Skied 2013 Season:  TBD  Target: 8
Places Skied:
Mt Rose, NV ( ),
You can reach me  at: paul at eykamp dot net

"Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together. "

A cool music video - very powerful - by Simple Plan.

I am Online
Member of the Radical Centrist Party
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Windows 95 (win-DOH-z), n. A thirty-two bit extension and graphical shell to a sixteen bit patch to an eight bit operating system originally coded for a four bit microprocessor which was written by a two bit company that can't stand one bit of competition.
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